F-Engrave Help

I am confused about the “RED” areas in the preview of F Engrave’s V-Cleanup. You can see them in the carve areas of the letters “L”. I ran the CalC V Code and created the G code and then ran Calc Cleanup all with the same settings. It looks like the cleanup will carve over them but not sure.

I can eliminate them by increasing the Cut Depth Limit by .01 and rerunning the V Cleanup calculator (not changing the initial G code). Do I need to do this or will it work with the original settings carving correctly over the red areas? What are the red areas telling me?

I have been messing with F Engrave but only on narrower text and all cleanup was being done with the V bit. Totally missed, forgot or whatever the bit change for clean up on wider areas. Saw the Save Cleanup G Code button but wasn’t sure what it was doing. DUH…

Thanks Phil

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