F engrave help

Hi, I posted on here the other day and I want to thank everyone for their help. It turns out the machine was working fine and I was going crazy for precision.

What I was curious about though, is about using F engrave. Until easel pro has a system like the prismatic, I am going to use f engrave. What I was wondering about is how to get a clean bottom for the engraving without having it take like 40 minutes. I tried with the setting at .05 and set it to do the v clean up in both x and y, but it still left raised areas inside the carve. I then set it to .01 with x and y, that seem to make the clean up step take about an hour… Which seems too long. What is an ideal way to adjust this?

Also, when I export the g code then zprobe, I have been running into an issue where the whole first pass is done above the material. It doesnt seem like that is right but I am not sure how to get it to do the right cut depth in the first pass… Please help?

Can you post a screen shot of your General settings and your Vcarve settings? It’s been a while since I used fengrave but I’ll try to help!

Once i get home i will do just that. I am using phils settings on the general settings. I do have prismatic set to .0625 and max cut depth to .0625. I am also milling on
.125" walnut.

I plan on adjusting the vbit clean to .02 so that it cuts my clean time in half and probably reset it to just y axis for the cut.

I am curious if any of that could equate to the bit doing the first pass across the material without cutting in?

I never did an inlay with fengrave. I set the vbit clean to .003. Not sure about the first pass. What bit are you using?
Have you seen this thread? Lots of good info.

I will read through it and see what i can find out. I feel like i probably have something offset. And i am running the g code into easel. After learning vectors in photoshop, fengrave, fusion 360… All this week i just want it to work without learn UGS…
And thank you. I will try the .03 for the cleanup. Does the direction matter?

Ah okay. Thank you. I will try those settings out once i get back. I did use your general settings. You do seem to be the authority on fengrave. I really appreciate all the help you have posted.

Do you know why the initial pass may be skirting over the surface of the material? During the second half of the milling the wood… But before that it is over the material and Im not sure what to adjust?

I have already set those. The machine runs fine in easel and i am using a z probe. I am exporting and running the g code through easel. Do you mind me asking what you recommend in terms of settings for fengrave when using easel for the g code? Or am i better off with UGS?
I do have it set to where it will do prismatic of .0625 and max cut depth of .0625. However, maybe i have it offset somewhere else? This is my first cut with f engrave and i want to get things right enough…

Do you have a link? I would appreciate any help with this i can get. I posted a pic of what i was doing and have had people begging for them. I hope to get functional versions up and running soon.
Thank you again.

I found it. It was very useful. I think i may have one of the settings wrong for maximum cut depth. I will run a couple of tests once i get back to the house and start looking at UGS.
I have been hesitant to switch on that one just because easel is fairly friendly to approach and i have completed more than a few designs. I just have been having issues with engravings and inlays.
Regardless this has been very helpful. If i still have trouble, I will post more info and find out where i dorked it up.

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Take a look at CNCjs as well.

I will. Is it a UGS style program?

Yes. It’s just really easy to use, customizeable, and full of features.

Cool. I will give it a more thorough look once im home. Im hoping that i can find a good solution. Im doing up custom switch game cases and need the engravings to work right. Otherwise i am going to be using resin and casting the inlays. I prefer wood though. It is just… Nicer.

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Last nights carve was okay. I ended up with some issues which were my own.
I had my multipass set wrong and then ran into an issue where the milling wasnt right.
I used too thin of material for the inlay. I also glooped on too much glue.
I am going to try again here probably next week when i can. Until then i am going to do it with resin and see how that goes. It wont be the same but it should work out.