F-Engrave Mutliple Passes for cutout

Hi All,
I am looking to start a project and i use F-Engrave.
For example i want to carve a circle out of , lets say a .25" thick plank of wood.
i want the carve to go all the way through the wood so a i have a carved circle that i can put on a wooden toy car.
How would i do that ? i think i would do multiple passes somehow but how do i do that within F-Engrave so that the program knows 1. to do multiple passess, what do i need to do . 2. how does the program know that i want to cut right past .25 , lets say .27" so i can remove the circle from the plank of wood.

thanks guys !

Ah thanks Phil! Well that’s the pits. I know there are some gotchas when using easel with a bobscnc

Phil- so i am obviously fairly new to F-Engrave.
can i ask you a question about these 2 settings …

what is the V-Carve Finish Pass Stock , does it do multiple passes until it reaches that depth ?
and i think V-Carve Max Depth per Pass is pretty easy to understand , but it is the first option that i am a little confused on.


Ah ok , that makes sense ! Thanks!
so one more question, is the multipass done in the initial Vcarve or in the Cleanup , or both ?

Ah ok thanks! So I could technically use this to do a cutout with the initial vcarve using a straight bit ?

Thanks Phil!

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can you show me the responses

Me too… i am looking for some assistance with f engrave

Can you be more specific?