F engrave not responding

I did a nice carve of the Macdonald crest using f engrave/UGS and it was good. I have tried to use it since but all I get is loading image/not responding. I even let it run all night!!!. Windows 10. My first comment on your awesome site, great bunch of guys . Any help would be appreciated. All that happens is 162 exe not responding

The thing I would try is check the F-Engrave website for an updated version of the program, If there is none try to reinstall (download and unzip) a new copy of the program. If I remember correct this program will save all prior files and settings and rerun the program. sounds like a permission problem within windows (might have been an update issue with windows) or something similar.

yes I have tried every version of f engrave and still the same. Once downloaded the chrome/IE shouldn’t matter, problem solved, issue with windows.Running fine now. Thanks Kenneth