F-engrave - very impressed

I started playing around with f-engrave a short time ago but had trouble getting an accurate Z height - those pointy bits don’t play well with using a sheet of paper to set the Z!. As I was rebuilding my controller, I decided to make a proper Z probe for it. Now setting Z height is a breeze.

I’m impressed with f-engrave, excellent results, easy to use and very affordable (free!)

Material is 18mm MDF, bit is a cheap, hardware store 90 mitre bit vee bit, 1/4". Cleanup was done with a 2mm, 2 flute endmill.
This is as it came off the X-Carve, no cleanup done at this stage. The line parallel to the character outline, is just a few fibers and scraped off with a fingernail. Turning on the setting to do a perimeter cut in the cleanup code may fix this.

Finish of the cut is good but I think I could turn up the spindle speed a little. The bottom of the cut is perfect, due I think to the accurate Z height setting.
A quick cleanup with aforementioned fingernail and this was the result. A bit of sanding might be necessary as well.

Tomorrow, I’ll try cutting some real wood (baltic pine) and see if the speeds and feed hold up OK.


What settings did you use for the cleanup?

Cleanup bit was 2mm, step over of 50% with cleanup cut directions of X and Y.
Vbit cleanup step was 1mm and cut direction was P (perimeter).

I think I’ll add the P direction to cleanup for the next run.

Here’s my current F-Engrave config file.

config.ngc (2.7 KB)

I’m also a big fan of F-Engrave. I use it for all my inlay work, and any time I am making a sign. The ability to import bmp and dxf files is a big plus also. You can find a (public-use) image on the web, convert it to a bmp, and carve it into a chunk of wood in no time.