Fab chair test cut

Hi! Trying to make my first chair http://easel.inventables.com/projects/wM1EOPIeANvVcY6IjPsiBQ#

I am trying to check settings and optimize cut time before beginning to save time and errors. Can anyone recommend best settings to cut down on time? I have doubled the recommended rate and it puts the total at 3.5 hours. Any advice? thx!

A stiffened machine with a sharp bit should be able to do 80 IPM, and a 0.1" DOC.
That takes about an hour to cut.
So even if you were more conservative, it could take 90 to 120 minutes.
A DOC of 0.03 is way too small for a 0.25" bit. Quarter inch bits can take out a lot of material pretty quick with little flex or chatter, especially in wood.
I would turn off tabbing and use double sided tape too. Takes about 10 minutes off the cut time.
Assuming your quick with your tape! Other screw or clamp your material too your work surface!
Double your plunge rate and see how that adjusts the simulation.