Face Masks

Even though this has virtually nothing to do with CNC, I thought I’d throw it out there as many of us are blind without our glasses. In Victoria Australia face masks will be mandatory next week as they are in some states in the US and other places around the world. After trying a number of commercial masks, the fogging issue when wearing glasses became a royal pain. I finally went into one of many junk drawers (NEVER throw anything away!) and found a foot of door weather stripping. I cut a piece to fit the inside top of a disposable mask to see if it would be of any benefit.Found out it’s better than using tooth paste or whipped cream. Actually it works pretty well. Since I don’t subscribe to any other forums I thought I’d share with you people as you probably have nothing better to do these days anyway.


Thank you very much for the idea.
I also wear glasses and their constantly getting fogged up.
I’m gonna try it.


Thank you interesting idea