"failed to fetch" error when re-opening 3D STL files

When I am trying to re-open a 3D STL project file that I have already carved and saved, I get an error that says “An error Occured Loading Easel. Failed to Fetch” and it will not open the file.
This error does not occur when trying to open previous files with dxf or svg graphics.
I see this question has been asked a few times on this forum without any real answers forthcoming.
Again this is when I try to open a saved 3D file that I have previously carved, not because I am trying to import a file that is too large or named incorrectly or anything like that.
Tried to call tech support but had to leave a voicemail.
This is a giant pain if I have to go back and recreate everything from scratch on a file that I have already created.

I know that a while back, during the beta testing of the STL import and 3d carving there was an update at which time they announced that we would be able to open our old projects but that all of our settings would have been reverted to the defaults. I suspect that another update did something to corrupt the link to the file location on their server and this is possibly the cause of the issue for those who get this error message. Just my personal speculation though. Hopefully you get a response from the Staff, but they rarely address posts directly on here, so the tech support is the most likely source of an official response…

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