Family Halloween Ghosts

My latest project was a set of ghosts for my whole family to paint. I cut them out on the X-Carve, spray painted them white, and then we had a fun family evening painting them. This is one of my favorite family traditions!

Part of the purpose of this video, besides inspiring a family project, was to show my general workflow for something like this on the X-Carve. It’s not highly detailed, but maybe it’ll help someone.

I can’t share the project since I purchased the image, but the idea should be easy to apply. Use the Image Trace app or import an SVG with a line drawing of whatever you want to do, make enough for everyone, then go nuts! 2 or 3 years ago we did pumpkins, and those are always fun to pull out and look at.


very nice man I like it!!

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Looks like fun! Yup family that’s what it’s all about. My daughter and I have worked on so many great projects together since I have gotten this awesome machine. While the rest of my family loves all the cool presents I make them. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your family home.

What brand of double sided tape are you using and where are you purchasing it?

I’m using the FastenX brand that someone showed on here before. It’s good, but it gums up the bit very quickly. It’s also sticky enough that the scissors I used to cut it are now stuck together. However, I’ve never noticed a stain on my material/wasteboard and I’ve never had any residue left behind after peeling it off.

You can get it at Amazon, 30 yards for $18:

Have you tried the CA glue, activator, and masking tape trick?

I’ve heard of it, but haven’t tried it because no place local has activator. Someday I’ll order some online, but cutting the tape into a handful of small pieces works really well and gives you a decent chance of avoiding it with a bit.