Fan screws touching gShield, causing interferences

It’s already fixed on mine but I thought I would make a post anyway for those looking for answers.

The 4 screws for the gshield enclosure fan are M3x35 and are going deep enough into the enclosure to contact the micro-stepping selection pins, and in my case it was also touching the probe wire and causing probing to fail instantly with “ERROR: Probe fail”. It might cause other problems IMO, like the X or Z axis moving the wrong amount of steps.

I solved the problem using M3x30 screws. You could cut the end of each screw if you don’t have any.
If your X-Carve is having issues that are magically disappearing when you take the gshield cover off, check the screws. ^^
Hope it helps.

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I thought ythey were needlessly long but I could not see that they were contacting anything internally.

I think I will have another look…

I only noticed it because I couldn’t probe anymore, it was pushing against the plastic part of the jumper of the Z axis micro-stepping header as well as touching a pin of the X axis header, on the other side the screw had put pressure on the heat-shrink around my probe wire and the crimp terminal had sliced through, contacting the screw.