Fan works, but no other power

After spending the last few days pulling my hair out over this, I thought I’d finally give in and ask. When I turn on the x-controller, the fan turns on, but neither the front power light or the back power light turn on. There was however a small light that did come on inside controller box. I’m assuming this power issue is also why I can not connect my computer to the controller. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Make sure the E-stop is fully disengaged.

I’ve done that many times with no success. Even disconnected it. Any other thoughts? Thanks.

what I would do is get a multi-meter and start checking for voltages, I would start with the power supply and then the E-stop, unplug from mains then unplug and then reinsert all ribbon cables inside the controller. plug in to main power and retest.

also while I was inside the controller I would check the tops of all the capacitors and look for any black marks on the board or the chips that connect to the heat sink (drivers).

My lights haven’t worked since i’ve owned the machine but everything works just fine. Do the motors lock when you power on the unit? Do you have the easel driver installed with the correct com port selected?