Fast, Easy, Cheap Special Tool for initial Z-Axis Assembly Calibration

Near the end of the X-Carve assembly procedure, the machine must be calibrated to operate properly. The instructions provided by Inventables are clear, concise, and easy to follow.

One slight inconvenience may be encountered while calibrating the machine, regardless of model (500mm, 750mm, or 1000mm). The adjustable “V” wheels on the “Z” axis are adjusted by turning an eccentric spacer. The wheels may be drawn closer to the maker slide, or adjusted further away, such to achieve the proper amount of resistance where the spindle can move up and down the maker slide easily, but without a lot of slop while doing so. There are 4 of these V-wheels that must be adjusted and then the screws and nuts that hold them in place must be tightened. This is quite easy for 3 of V-wheels. The lower, right side adjustable V-wheel is not so easy – as there is insufficient space between the hex head screw and the spindle carriage to allow getting a hex key in place to hold the screw while the nut is tightened. At least, there is insufficient space for a standard sized hex key such as the one provided in the tool kit from Inventables.

Very FAST, EASY, CHEAP Solution: Simply take a spare 3mm hex key and trim down the short end with a cut-off wheel. Problem solved!

Here’s a short video:

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