Fast forward to a point in the cut

I see this has been asked before but it was back in 2016 and I can’t find anywhere that it has been solved.

I was 3/4 of the way through a 2 hour long program and the machine just stopped for some reason. I dont know if there was an interruption between my computer and the Xcarve or if something was overheating or what… I got no waring or error messages, nothing strange occurred… it was a good program I had done a dry run of before and everything was running smoothly and the machine just stopped and I couldn’t get it to continue. So I shut everything down.

So is there a way to start the program again and fast forward to the place in the cut that it left off? This seems like a no brainer feature but I can’t see anywhere in easel to do it.

The whole point of the CNC machine was to save myself time in my business… but it seems like its sucking more time than it is saving for me at this point. I’m kind of frustrated.

I know the program stopped at 78%. so I just want to be able to go straight to 70% and pick it up there. help is appreciated.

FYI I’m imposing my G-code from fusion360 if that helps.


Easel don’t support resume. You can edit the gcode file, deleting the carved part but you need to be confident regarding editing gcode and handling Z position specifically. I haven’t done this myself, perhaps others who has can chime in?

Can you alter the F360 file, to skip the past carved areas in any way?

This is how I do it. You’ll need to keep the necessary headers, delete the code already done, and run the new file. I always go back to retract line that occurs before the last line I know was sent. It’s hard when you’re dealing with a percentage as I don’t know what that percentage is based on (maybe lines of gcode?).

I. Want. This.

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