Faster X-Controller E-Stop?

So after a few years of down time due to moving, getting unpacked, house projects ect I got the X-Carve built again. Since I don’t have 220V in the basement yet I broke down and got a Dewalt 611 so I could get going again. I was testing the Triquetra touch plate last night and I ran a homing sequence not noticing a allen wrench in the waste board so I immediately hit the E-Stop. However it seems that is not the fastest way to stop the machine instantly as it kept running for another second or two and hit the wrench taking out my Suck-It mount and Laser mount in the process.

I have one of the first batch X-Controllers has the E-Stop changed since then or is there a mod to get it to stop a bit quicker? I remember reading awhile ago about the correct way to stop it was an IO pin and locking the steppers rather than cutting the power totally but do not recall what the mod was for. Would the pause button have stopped it quicker in a homing sequence?

Also, Anyone know if the plans for the bottom part of the Suck-It are available? That seems to be the only part that broke, the side arms and top support are fine. Going to see if a friend of mine can print another laser support but I think his printer is down so might have to wait awhile for that.

I don’t have an answer to your question but I would be happy to 3D print your laser mount. I would just need the file.

Will the pause or abort buttons halt a homing cycle?

The abort button should stop a homing as it forces a soft reset of GRBL. I’d be surprised if feed hold stopped it but it might.

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If feed hold is the pause button then it really does stop the homing.

Yes, it is and yes it does. Something must have been amiss in my previous test.

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I’ve had to use my E-stop lots of times. It always stops instantly when I press/slam it.

lol. i guess the harder you slam it the better.
my estop ison the dc side not the ac. so cuts power closer to the source.

Thanks for the pause info. I will have to try that to see if it works better. I am not sure if it was the momentum of the motors or a charge holding in the power supply but it did run just long enough to take out the plastic/acrylic parts even though I hit the E-Stop well before contact should have been made.

You’d think with the jet engine fan it would drain any charge on the 24V side quickly but sadly it’s not that much of a draw.