Fat Finger Safety Limits

Twice this week I had issues where I fat fingered an entry in Easel. When I meant to tell it to make a part .91 deep I missed the decimal and caught the machine trying to drill a hole 94 inches deep. I also did the same thing with my cutting depth per pass. It would be great to configure some limits where when you went to run a project you got a “I’m sorry dave, I don’t think I can let you do that warning.”
I know it would need to be configurable by the user but would prefer it either stopping me or warning me if I attempt to carve a piece that exceeds the limits I know my machine is capable off.

I’m not entirely sure how you have your controller set up, but if I attempted to give mine a 94-inch move command in any direction, it would soft-limit out instead of moving. :slight_smile:


missed that it was possible to set soft limits. Still would be nice to have in the machine setup rather than console… but I’ll get this set up before my next cut thanks.

Can you tell me where in the machine you set these parameters?

For Soft Limits:

$22=1 Activate the homing cycle

$20=1 Activate soft limits.

$130=290.000 distance limits for the 500mm for the 1000mm change 290.000 to 790.000 (x axis)
$131=290.000 distance limits for the 500mm for the 1000mm change 290.000 to 790.000 (y axis)
$132=100.000 same for both 500mm and 1000mm (z axis)

These are the defaults. You can change them to match your setup.

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awesome thanks
I do know how to set the firmware stuff in UGS.

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And this is stored on the controller, not your PC, and will not change without you deliberately changing it yourself. It’s not quite as good as a real set of endstop switches, but it’s the next best thing! And it does a darn good job with the fat-fingers errors. Ask me why I set them up. lol

Good to know they are there… makes me wonder what other secret In-Out options i should set. I would like my machine not animal style.