Fathers Day 2018 Sale 25% Off Triquetra 3 Axis Touch Plate Kits

All variations of the Triquetra Touch Plate Kits are 25% Off through Jun 20, 2018 for Fathers Day.

No coupons needed. Just go to www.triquetra-cnc.com and place your order and the discount is automatically applied.

Zero all three Axis with ease. With the Triquetra Tool Box (included) you will be able to generate zeroing files that will set your X Y Z zero to the Front left corner, front right corner, or any other offset you like. The Triquetra Tool Box is a Windows aplication compatible with Windows XP through Windows 10 and will generate zeroing files and scripts compatible with GRBLE and Mach3. It is also compatible with Easel. The last update added Laser Zeroing functionality to the list of options.

The Triquetra Touch Plate is the most complete, and option packed zeroing solution I have found anywhere at any price. And YES , it does work with the Generation 1 Inventables Controller as well as the new X-Controller. Compatibility also includes Easel, PicSender, Universal Gcode Sender, Chili Peper, Source Rabbit and more. So end the hassle of manually zeroing your machine and set all three axis to an accurate and repeatable zero with this quick and easy solution to your zeroing needs.

The Triquetra system was designed around the X Carve, it just so happens that it is compatible with a wide range of CNC Routers and CNC Milling Machines…Get your before the Sale ends on June 20th, 2018/ Just click the link below and your zeroing issues will be solved once and for all.


Fathers Day Sale Ends Today 6/20/18. Save 25% on the Triquetra Touch Plates.
Fast - Repeatable - Accurate - Automatic. Auto Zero All Three Axis at one time with almost any bit.
Click the image below.