Father's Day gift carves - ideas and inspirations?

Hello! I am starting to puzzle out some carve ideas for my father and father-in-law but still haven’t hit on anything that made me say THAT’S IT!

I have some thoughts of cribbage boards and cutting boards but both already have those in quantity. Both served (mine in Korea, my wife’s in Vietnam) so some of the recent US flag carves have piqued my interest, as well.

Anyway … I figure others may be in the same boat with dads who already have 1 (if not 2 or 3) of everything and thought we might have a little fun brainstorming together with time to actually do the carving.

(I do note that the Projects page has a specific section of gift ideas which has some good ideas in it, but nothing blew my socks off as being just right.)

How about a flag

Great idea on that flag. Wonderful design and approach to it.

I had no idea about the “design and make” site. Very cool and thanks for sharing.