Faulty work

ive been using the easel software for a while now and everythings been fine until I updated the software today now when I start carving it runs fine for around 5 minutes then the cnc machine starts doing its own thing like its forget what and where its suppose to be carving so goes off path and puts lines everywhere then doesn’t go back to home position,anyone know what could be wrong please?

Picture of your material / screen shot of design / your gcode file?

Anything of the above will help us target our responses/suggestions.

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thankyou so much for your reply,ive only ever used 3mm acrylic and never used gcodes I just send a jpeg image and carve that.it was a simple unicorn I was carving which was nearly complete.ive tried a few different images which all work fine to start with but then its like the machine forgets what its doin and puts lines in which aren’t on the design.i stop the carving and the machine router doesn’t go back to home position

ive tried uploading a video but it wont work.tried carving different images and on everyone its messes up in the excact same place.all this only happened after the software update.the router draws a small line then starts the image again in a different place

gcode is the information your controller send to your machine, so there must be gcode involved.
If we dont know your program suite/workflow we dont have much to go on in terms of trouble shooting.

Youtube is a good and accessible place to upload video, check it out :slight_smile:

Sorry im never very computer savvy so i wouldn’t know how to find the gcode for a google image :see_no_evil:.it wont let me connect at all now just says plug USB in and power up machine which both is already done and the USB is fine .there was an issue with the USB connector on the circuit board ,it came loose so had to be soldered again ,that’s the only issue the machine had but did seem to be running fine before all this

Hi! It seems to be that everything is fine. Cause I have been using this software on this site minicreditos-rapidos.es. And I didn’t have such problems so far (even after I updated it).