Favorite Bits

Thought it would be a good idea to start a topic about your favorite bits, what you use them for and where to get them. I use my X-carve for carving mostly foam and some wood. Like this workshop sign I did for my first project LINK.

I was looking for a good spoilboard bit without the crazy costs out there. After searching google for a bit I found this bit that was 1/4in shank (you need to upgrade your collet as I did for the basic spindle.) 3/4 straight bit w/ a unique plunge blade (unique to me anyway :smile:). It showed up today and I am so impressed with it I wanted to share (Especially since it only cost me like $12) Anyway pics and video to follow. Here is the LINK to the bit,I went with #5455. I think i’m going to try some more of their bits in the future.

Please share your bit knowledge as well, as a newbie it’s easy to get sucked into the higher price bits with little knowledge.


I’ve been looking for something like this for a LONG time. Thanks for the link. I used a .25" flat end mill to flatten my latest spoil board and it took a couple hours. I ordered most of my bits from: http://www.precisebits.com/applications/pcbtools.htm

But these forums are filled with links to Ebay sites with great deals. I’ve learned a ton just poking around.

Yeah I had the same issue with time that’s why I went with the 3/4" bit. Just remember if you’re using Easel to change the bit size to .75 not .25 . Thanks for the link, i’ll check it out. PS. my only issue when buying from ebay is most come from overseas and i’m too impatient to wait :smile:

Also, it works great with Easel’s roughing/detail feature

What a coincidence, while I’m reading your post I was surface cleaning with similar bit my favorite, This one have two different sizes, 1/2" and 3/4" flat bottom. Cleaning surfaces with no waiting time. But of course what you found is less expensive good bargain. I paid $19.99 for 3/4" $17.99 for 1/2" from Sears. I haven’t use them to make hole but I believe what you found have center blade which makes better cut. I’ll order one today.
Thanks for the tip.

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Nice! I picked up a 1/4" collet as well but haven’t used it yet. I should invest in a spoilboard cutter; they’re hard to find in the 1/4" shank size so thanks for that link.

My three go-to bits are (all with a 1/8" shank):

1/8" two flute endmill

45 Degree V-Bit

And the 1/16" endmill, which I use in conjunction with the v-bit


I buy most of my bits from drillman1 on ebay.

He’s based in Texas and ships from there. I get bits in 2-3 days.


I also ordered from Drillman1 - probably based in your recommendation. He sells the good stuff at affordable prices and shipped quickly.

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Yep, all my eBay links above are from drillman1, he’s only like 30 minutes north of me, I really should try to pay him a visit sometime, save on some shipping :smile:

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I find these guys good and free shipping for those in the US, just saying.


Not just upcut and down cut bits also do a range of other router bits. Personally find it cheaper to buy from them than to buy locally in New Zealand, but that’s typical.

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OH GOD THANK YOU for this. I have broken all of my 1/16" bits and inventables is of course sold out of them. I just ordered a bunch of stuff from him.

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ordered one of each…few questions from a total noob:

  1. on the bits from drillman. do I leave that little piece of plastic on? I guess thats a max dept as well as a way to identify the bit size.
  2. I haven’t tried yet… but it looks like I won’t have the dept to get through a full piece of 3/4" pine with 1/8 endmills that I ordered. Are the ones form Inventables longer?

Go to Enco. http://www.use-enco.com/CGI/INSRHM They have end mills with different length of cuts .


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Does anyone have a source for 1/8" end mills that are compression cut?

Does anyone know of a thread showing the uses for different style bits? I know there are multiple uses for certain bits but it seems they all have their specific job they excel at. ie; ball, upcut, downcut ,4 flute, 2 flute etc…? I also have had good luck with drillman on ebay as well.

Here is a primer: https://buildyourcnc.com/endmills.aspx


Yeah, I don’t think you can remove the collars. I’ll have to measure tonight (although you probably have yours already), but they may be just barely long enough to get through 3/4" material.

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The ones from drillman measure on average about .623 from the plastic to the tip, so unfortunately, no it won’t go all the way through 3/4" stock. I ran into that yesterday doing some test cuts.

seeing the same on my end… I was going to get a pic of how short my mil is.

They are still awesome bits, I was making some great cuts into Walnut the other day, but I’m also wanting to go all the way through some 3/4" material pretty soon here.

Anyone have any amazon (for prime shipping) sources for 1/8 shank endmils that will cut through 3/4?

Not quite your amazon answer, but my 1/8 fishtail bits from drillman1 came without the plastic and are longer than the bits in the starter kit. I think it may all just depend on what you buy.

Here is another one for 1/8" spiral compression from amazon. Not so many choices for 1/8, that’s why I purchased 1/4 Colette from Inventables for 24VDC stock spindle. Unfortunately not using that colette anymore after upgraded to Dewalt.