Feature alignement problem

Hi all,

I am completely new to Easel & CNC, and trying to create my first box. A key issue I am facing is that I don’t understand how to properly create a feature in one part (e.g. a hole) to match a feature in another part (e.g. a dogbone).
I see how I can get the coordinates of the bounding box of a part; and how I can align parts. But I don’t see anything equivalent for specific points in the parts?

In the project below for example how can I properly size & place the 4 holes I need in the lid (bottom-left part) to accept the 4 dogbones of the side panels (bottom-right part):

Is this just not possible in Easel, or did I miss something?

Thanks, and congrats for a great tool!

That is what I started from, but I want to customize some of the joins and that’s where the pb came up.

Since you bring it up btw, I used “box maker classic”, and I don’t see any “dogbones” in the joinery, just perfectly squared up pins and gaps. Are the dogbones (assuming that is what the allowance for the fact that a 3mm. bit can’t cut an square inner corner is called) supposed to show in the detailed preview? Or will they be added automatically when the machine code is generated?