Feature request: ability to find and select any object from a list

Currently, Easel allows us to
Select All
Select by cut type
and, if you can see what you are doing, you can visually/manually select objects by clicking on them.

we need the ability to at least “tab through” all objects, until we find the one we want. Better yet would be a list of selectable objects, listed in Z-order (so you’d also know where each object is in the front-to-back stack of objects.)

If there are similar or identical objects stacked together, it is very difficult to select the one you want - and to know that you have the correct object selected.


The only way I’ve figured out how to sort through this is to ‘move to back/front’ until the piece I want appears on top of the other. Changing the cut depth will change the greyscale color to help identify them.

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