FEATURE REQUEST: Ability to move gantry based on distance or coordinates

I love that the gantry controls have specified steps for moving. E.g 1in .1in .01in etc. On occasion, it would be nice to be able to move the cutter a specified distance. (E.g. - Move Y axis 12.375”). And/or it would be nice to move to specified coordinates after homing. ( e.g. Move to Y= -449.42 X=-251.213)

You can move a specified value on the Carve window. Although it has been suggest, at least once I know, Inventables has yet to add it to the little window accessed with the button to the right of the Carve button.


Brandon Parker

Assuming you’re in inches mode:
G0 Y12.375

Machine position? Millimeters(Assuming, because of the negatives)

Where are you finding this?

Where on the Carve window? I must be missing something.

Click the green Carve button, a side pane will open with some preset values and right below those you´ll find a Custom value window :slight_smile:

Wow… I never noticed that! I usually position the head before hitting the carve button. Glad I could request a feature that already exists. :grimacing: