[Feature Request] Advanced Mode?

Part of what makes Easel nice is it is simple and easy to use. I know we keep asking for more and more features and functionality, but keeping it simple and easy will start to be a problem.

Perhaps having a Simple mode and Expert mode might not be a bad idea?
The Simple Mode using basic settings and defaults. Good for novice users or quick projects where default setting are fine.
The Advance mode giving more options and settings for advanced users. Giving us the control and functionality we crave without making things too overwhelming for basic users.


Similar novice/expert choice used in Repetier/Slic3R for 3D printers

this is actually a brilliant idea because this way Easel can stay very easy for a beginner or people who wish to keep things simple. But if you use a easy/advanced button for example, you can switch to a more feature-filled interface with the possibility to keep expanding and build a piece of software with very interesting “pro” features. This way the need to keep things simple doesn’t get in the way of building a very rich and advanced piece of software, and vice versa.

a big +1 to this idea.

as said before: also a huge fan of this idea!