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Feature Request: "Carve Again" Button

Hello. Before I continue, please don’t suggest an alternate GCode sender for this task. I am comfortable with using Easel, and that is my preference.

I’m currently working on a batch of coasters that are all the same thickness, and the XY starting position of the piece is locked by positioning clamps. It would be great to be able to bypass all the pre-carve steps (especially the Probe part) and just start a new carve using the settings of the previous one. A Carve Again button is what I would like to see–something that assumes you’re doing the same thing, and brings you directly to the Dust Shoe/Spindle is On confirmation.

Thanks for your time.

I’m pretty sure you can just click the “Use Last X/Y” on the probe screen. You click manual, then click the “Use Last”…

Should bypass a lot of the steps.

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That’s a decent workaround, but I still have to click through to get there. My request is to be able to skip all of that.

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Go to Machine>General Settings and then tick this box(see photo) to activate an additional popup when you finish the carve to just carve again :+1:
No extra prompts, it’ll just go around again repeating the same exact toolpath.


AHA! Thanks–Much appreciated!

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