[Feature Request][Delivered] Loading preview, carve timer

I’ve been using Easel for a while now and there are a few things that would make the program better. First, when you go to load a project, could there be a icon or preview of the design? It’s a pain when you have a few that are untitled, you open it, it opens a new window, have to close that, re-go to open again…if each saved project had a small icon or a hover over preview I think that would help a lot. Also, this second one could be pretty easy, could you add a timer that runs when you start a carve, so you can see how long it’s been going as well as knowing how long it took in total?



In addition to this, but related, a estimate of the job run time would be most helpful.


Run-time was asked for already, but good enough to second! :wink:

It’s simple to edit the name to something other than “Untitled”.

True, but I quite often mess around with a new design, jump off and back on and poof, I have like 10 untitled projects :stuck_out_tongue:

A bit late. But I’d love a job timer as well.


We added this feature today in Easel. Check it out and please give feedback.


Awesome, that will be great for planning project. Thanks!!

Yea you can adjust your design based on how long it will take to carve.