Feature request: go to 0,0

I wish there was an option when setting up a job, when you get to the screen to either use last x,y or set a new one, to see what the current 0,0 location is by moving there. I do this all the time on my Tormach by just typing g0 x0y0 in the MDI with my z-height set safely above my material. It’s just a nice sanity check before you ruin a piece to make sure an axis didn’t get bumped. Since we have no DRO in easel we can’t sanity check by jogging, and in a 2-stage carve being even slightly off is of course horrible, so sanity checking is helpful (and it’s a good starting point for manually setting if you wanted to tweak it). Essentially this is a “home” button but doesn’t home to the limits but to the wcs 0,0 point. If I was using UGS I would just send a g0 x0y0 but for some reason the console in machine inspector doesn’t honor that (takes other commands like M7 to turn on my dust collector).

The alternative is do do what @PhillipLunsford does with 3 axis probing, which if you supported that (and sold a premachined 3-axis plate in place of the brass cylinder you now sell) it would be awesome, so that you just reprobe as many times as you want for sequential ops if you are worried about any reference slippage.

This is where I got my touch plate. Triquetra

You won’t be disappointed. It has been a while since I’ve seen any activity surrounding this, but Charlie’s support is amazing. Even came up with a toolbox to support his touch plate.

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Thanks. I was just going to machine mine out of 6160 or 7075 on my Tormach. It’s more the software rather than the hardware at issue here.

Cncjs is worth looking into.

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Again, move on from Easel.

I assume I need to uninstall the Easel driver on my Ubuntu installation, as it seems to own that usb/ftdi port?

Just close Easel when you open something else.

When i tried that with UGS some time back, it couldn’t grab the port. i even rebooted, and didn’t relaunch.

My Linux experience is pretty limited. That said, I found UGS to be pretty buggy. I know many use it, and I have it a reasonable try. I never looked back after the initial issues with grbl 1.1

I just meant UGS as an example. I am going to try and see how to uninstall the driver; when I looked it up a common reason for UGS to not connect is easel won’t relinquish the port; normally that’s good at protecting your carving, but not when you want to switch software!

The drivers should be just an ftdi driver and a web browser serial communication application. I don’t know why they’d block anything. They don’t on Windows, and windows is a mess with drivers.

OK after some software shenanigans I have it up and running. It’s pretty slick! Much more like my Tormach. And it has the M7/M9 button so I can hand activate my dust collection. This forced me to do a bunch of upgrading I needed to do at some point anyway.


Is there a reason that whenever you reset it reverts back to metric? I mean not a huge deal, but annoying. I also don’t get the x or y probe routines to work properly (I made a 3-axis plate) it doesn’t move in the direction the button shows… I know you can do a macro, but why are the buttons busted?

Grbl defaults to metric.

I’m not sure about the probing. I’m not on the newest version and I’ve always used my own macros.
I’ll look later on when I have some time.

But no reason the CNCJS couldn’t have a preference that always sent a G20/21 based on your pref on reset…

It’s a GRBL thing, not a CNCjs thing.
In the console, send:

Restart, your controller will set inches mode on startup.

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Ah, got it. I mean cncjs could send it on start if they implemented that, but I guess you can set it in grbl as well. Thanks for the help. Weirdly in cncjs the feed override doesn’t seem to work (yes, I can type stuff in the console by hand) but the button doesn’t seem to work

You could probably set up an event, but adding a duplicate configuration option would get “busy”.

Hmmmm…I use it all the time. What are you clicking and what happens when you click it?

The feed override -10% button on the left (in the overrides).I dropped it to 60% (which considering I was et for 30 in/min there is no way I would miss that. It should be crawling but it remained going along at the prior rate (I was slotting in hardwood). I don’t remember what it was, but something went in on the console.

Can you run an aircut and catch a video as you try to change the feed?