[Feature Request] Import SVG objects off the work area (or somewhere else)

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I’m working with a project, for the most part my pieces are starting at or near the 0,0 work area in Easel.

If I’m bringing in multiple SVG objects, or just adding an svg to the middle of a project…It always brings the object in at the same spot, invariably over something I’ve already got sitting near the 0,0 mark.

Since you can’t drag-select inside an object, you’re left with the default “move” mouse cursor. With tiny line weight items, selecting the right object to move is a PITA, and I almost always end up accidentally selecting/moving the wrong object, or having to select and move objects out of the way so that I can get to my imported SVG object, move it, then position my existing objects back near the corner.

Would it be a good idea to import new SVG objects off the work area, or at least somewhere better than 0,0 which is pretty much where I assume most people are putting their projects?


Pasting new objects off the work surface would be a great idea.

+1 I’d love to see this… Unless Easel already respects grouping.

As a work-around, I typically draw a small square at 0,0 in my SVG project, so that when it imports, it doesn’t try to reposition the object I’m bringing in. This also works well when I’m slicing a project up into multiple pieces for different Easel passes.