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[Feature Request] Lock an object

I posted some other feature request about selecting an object without move, as sometimes just clicking the mouse button for a blasted microsecond and a tiny jitter will move your object. Yesterday and today I’ve been working with some easel projects where I’d like to quickly select multiple objects in an area to mass change the cut depth, and could use a “lock an object” feature.

For arguments sake, I’m making a bullseye target, multiple circles cut “on path” with some straight lines towards the smallest inner ring. The largest circle is a full depth cut-out with tabs. Each inner circle will be a groove cut 1/16th. When making my default circles (and straight lines) they get a cut depth defaulted by Easel.

I decide that I want to change that cut depth for all the rings and lines. But I can’t select everything BUT that outer ring, that’s just near impossible with the “drag a selection box” tool. I end up selecting everything…then going back and selecting the outer ring and changing it specifically.

I’d like to “lock” that object in place. No moves, no depth changes. Unless I unlock it.

That way I can’t ever accidentally drag it and slide it around or change it’s depth with another object.

Thoughts on something like this?


if you select everything and then hold down the shift key you can click on the parts you do not want selected and deselect them with out the chance of moving them. you can also hold down the shift key select multiple items one at a time and it will not move them once you have selected your second object. though i do agree with needing a lock function.

I’ve noticed that right-clicking on an object can also drag it. How about disabling the right-click-drag feature.

That would provide a safe way to select an object. …or put in a 5ms delay before dragging the selected object.


This is still an essential feature needed to make Easel usable for advanced projects. Not only is it hard to select with so many layers (yet no layer functionality either), the simple act of selecting an object often moves it, making this one of the worst productivity tools I currently use for precision projects (although I am about to migrate over to fusion 360 because of this very issue). It’s been 3 years since the start of this thread, is easel a dead project?

They have added the feature of locking an object. (look for the padlock icon)
It works, but you have to remember that you locked the object, it’s not obvious when it’s locked, other then the icon.

The padlock icon only locks the size, it doesn’t lock the position which is the critical one to keep elements from moving when they are aligned across several workpieces.

INVENTABLES: Please add a lock icon to the position coordinates, similar to the lock icon on the size!

Thank you!!!