[Feature Request] Lock an object

I posted some other feature request about selecting an object without move, as sometimes just clicking the mouse button for a blasted microsecond and a tiny jitter will move your object. Yesterday and today I’ve been working with some easel projects where I’d like to quickly select multiple objects in an area to mass change the cut depth, and could use a “lock an object” feature.

For arguments sake, I’m making a bullseye target, multiple circles cut “on path” with some straight lines towards the smallest inner ring. The largest circle is a full depth cut-out with tabs. Each inner circle will be a groove cut 1/16th. When making my default circles (and straight lines) they get a cut depth defaulted by Easel.

I decide that I want to change that cut depth for all the rings and lines. But I can’t select everything BUT that outer ring, that’s just near impossible with the “drag a selection box” tool. I end up selecting everything…then going back and selecting the outer ring and changing it specifically.

I’d like to “lock” that object in place. No moves, no depth changes. Unless I unlock it.

That way I can’t ever accidentally drag it and slide it around or change it’s depth with another object.

Thoughts on something like this?


if you select everything and then hold down the shift key you can click on the parts you do not want selected and deselect them with out the chance of moving them. you can also hold down the shift key select multiple items one at a time and it will not move them once you have selected your second object. though i do agree with needing a lock function.

I’ve noticed that right-clicking on an object can also drag it. How about disabling the right-click-drag feature.

That would provide a safe way to select an object. …or put in a 5ms delay before dragging the selected object.


This is still an essential feature needed to make Easel usable for advanced projects. Not only is it hard to select with so many layers (yet no layer functionality either), the simple act of selecting an object often moves it, making this one of the worst productivity tools I currently use for precision projects (although I am about to migrate over to fusion 360 because of this very issue). It’s been 3 years since the start of this thread, is easel a dead project?

They have added the feature of locking an object. (look for the padlock icon)
It works, but you have to remember that you locked the object, it’s not obvious when it’s locked, other then the icon.

The padlock icon only locks the size, it doesn’t lock the position which is the critical one to keep elements from moving when they are aligned across several workpieces.

INVENTABLES: Please add a lock icon to the position coordinates, similar to the lock icon on the size!

Thank you!!!

I agree with this completely. I’m trying to use the simple centering features for two objects, one of which is precisely positioned on a larger piece. When I vertically center, it works like I want, when horizontal, it moves the wrong feature. I’ve tried iterations of the order of selecting each piece, but nothing is working. I have to rely on X-Y coordinate positioning instead which is just overkill for the feature I want to position. Just let us lock something down. This is even more important for the large repeating jobs we expect to do on the PRO machines.

Hi Ian, do you use the pinning function for the object you want to stay in position?

I missed that feature – thanks! Once again I’ve successfully exposed my ignorance.

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If I select the pinning option will it affect designing a project? Will it make design more difficult? Thanks

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i agree. object locking should be included

I have a question on how do I use these lock features, if I want to keep my shape and position to remain centered, say using a different size of wood that bigger than the one I have scaled for the design, what lock icon do I use and should it be “locked” or “unlocked”? Thank you

The locking will lock it within the design workspace, if youre changing the workpiece size than you’d have to scale or reposition the design and thus itd need to be unlocked

Ok, here are the pics of the 2 different locks, one for position and one for size. Both of them are locked now, right? Well, when I use the same exact size in board, it does not come out even on each side. I have been doing this design for the longest time and never had a problem, until just the other night. I dont know what I am doing wrong…are these two locks suppose to be this way (locked) or should they be showing as unlocked?
Thank you.

It’s a lengthy process to type it all out to explain, so I recorded a quick video showing what those lock and link buttons actually do and what I think you’re wanting them to do and the alternative method of actually getting the results that I think you want…

Here’s the 0,0 as origin explained

And Here’s the CNC movement calibration process

Thank you very much, that solved my issue. I do have one more question…
I need to make a simple carve of two straight lines through a piece of wood, however, when I go to carve it out, the programs says that there are no onjects in my design to carve. What could be the issue? Thank you, again for your time.

I think you may have 2 bits assigned and have selected the roughing bit in order to get that popup.

You’ll want to change the bits assigned to be only one bit or select the detail bit for carving non-pocket designs.

The way easel works is with 2 bits assigned tye roughing bit is Only used when a cut type is set to “clear out a pocket” but since lines can only be set to “on path” the roughing bit has no area to carve, thus the popup when the roughing bit is choosen.

Instead youll either want to pick the detial bit OR remove the detail bit using the little X above the selection.

If what i said either doesnt work or appears wrong, can you share the project and provide the share link. Thanks!