Feature Request: More Keyboard Shortcuts

In Easel Pro, I love that I can use the keyboard to control the carriage jog with the arrow keys and shift for Z. I’m on a Mac, so I’m using a keyboard mapper with an Xbox joystick to ‘virtually press’ those keys with the joystick.

I’ve had a harder time controlling the distance settings, of course, because there’s no hot key. I’m currently running a script using Keyboard Maestro (great automation program) to hit Cmd-L (address bar in Chrome), hit tab 12 times, and hit space to select the 0.01 setting. It works great for all 4 settings on the Measure The Material page, but of course the number of tabs are different on the next pages of the carving dialog.

Would it be hard to simply add keyboard shortcuts (perhaps the 1 - 4 keys) bound to those settings? Then I could directly map to the joystick and be that much more efficient! What do you think?

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Hi @JoshLake,

We’ve been making several improvements to Easel’s keyboard accessibility over the last few weeks, so something along these lines would definitely be up our alley.

FYI, as of this morning a few extra controls in the walkthrough are now focusable, so you may need to update the number of tab-presses in some of your automation scripts.

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On the subject, is it by design that we can only jog when the Carve menu is active? I know that after a run, almost everyone wants/needs to move the bit away from the design to pull it off the table. It’s counterintuitive (IMO) to have to click back into the Carve menu again to move the bit rather than just doing it from the design screen somehow (maybe just limited functionality).

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Or even better allow the user to select the “end of carve” sequence to go to G28 or G30 instead of 0,0.

Glad to hear there is additional keyboard functionality in the pipe line.

Would love for Easel to have user assignable buttons / scripts / toolbars for “advanced” user production needs.