[Feature Request] Nesting

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone talk about this on here yet, but I think the ability to nest a part in Easel would be great.

I haven’t tried this yet, but even if you could copy some geometry and past it and it kept all the tool paths that would be great.

I have a project that I will be wanting to do soon that would greatly benefit from this feature.

I use this feature a ton in Aspire and Vcarve, I agree it should DEFINITELY be a feature in easel. And, I think copy and paste is pretty necessary to every program. its practically a law. Does easel really not support it? lol

Copy and paste is already built in, I’m just not sure if it copies and pastes the tool paths as well.

Hoping this feature makes it’s way through!

Hi Rusty,

Are you trying to take a shape or set of shapes and clone them, while maintaining the cut settings that you’ve already defined? If so, Easel does support this. Just highlight the shapes and press ctrl-c, ctrl-v (or command-c, command-v on Mac).

Is that what you were looking for?


Yes this is a bit of what I’m looking for. I haven’t played around in Easel that much yet, so I had discovered this yet.

But I think and actually nesting feature would still be great.

How would a nesting feature work?

I haven’t used a feature like this in a very long time so maybe @JarradTrudel would have some better insight.

But, I think in the simplest form one would just select the geometry they want to nest and Easel would just fill up the available material area with that geometry. There could also be options to allow rotating the geometry.

Packing theory can get a bit tough. :wink:

the most usful options ive found are as rusty said, alow rotation and rotation angle, so you can set what incriments it will attempt to rotate. this is useful if grain direction is key.
also simple options like minimum clearence from the edge of the work peice, and minimum clearence from each part.
a seperatate area for selcting the amount of each part to be created and nested. this really comes in handy, as you only need to make one of each and dont have to copy and paste before hand, and also you can have differrent amounts of each part, and the nesting program will automagically copy and nesy all the parts.
lastly, when creating and nesting more parts then will fit on the work peice, the program should create a second (or more) work peice with the same parameters as the first with the remain parts, so that a seperate tool path can be created, and not only is the program optimizing the use of one work peice, but all work peices to be used in one operation.