Feature request. Option to turn off auto-save

Is it possible? Performance would increase.


Agreed, and it would also save me from accidentally changing a project and saving over it when I start with one project to create another. I don’t always remember to make a copy of the project BEFORE making any changes, so sometimes I have lost projects that I meant to save and use later because I made changes, sometimes big ones, without thinking first.

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Ah, yes. I did that very thing yesterday. My fault yes, but very costly in time. Moms and roosters were discussed.

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Or possibly access to a timeline in the auto save, so that you wouldn’t need to turn off auto save, but rather would be able to just go back to an older version by scrubbing a time line or something.

Kind of like the way that you would be able to do with and open file and go back by undoing…


I agree. Auto save is a pain. Keep hitting ctrl + z too many times to revert back. Would be better just to save when you wanted.

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Strongly agree! This “feature” is the biggest thing forcing me to think about going over to “the dark side” (alternative software). I wonder if software developers test their software under less than ideal conditions (slower wi-fi, etc)? Where I work, the devs always have perfect connections with pretty good hardware.

Google docs also does the auto-save thing after every keystroke and it drives me nuts.

“I promise to not be angry if I ever lose a project by not hitting save” … promise. :slight_smile:

Likewise. I was tweaking some settings when it automatically saved what i didnt want. Instead of simply closing it and starting over from the last known design setting, i had to keep hitting undo (felt like 20-30 times). It would be better to have a dedicated SAVE or SAVE AS feature instead of auto save.

If you have a very complex design and just want to say turn some tabs off, it seems to do a full save of the project every change you make rather than diffs.

Not sure what the solution to that is. But it does warn if you try to navigate away while saving.

I’m wondering if there is an option to measure the “weight/heft” of a project and auto switch to forcing you to manually save but leave the auto save switched on for simpler projects.

Some of my designs are 20 individual designs on shapes for engraving at 0.2mm bit size, so you can see very complex. These are saving all the time and sending an awful lot of traffic even though I’m simply removing tabs or trying to move an item a few mm.

So I vote yes to disabling auto save but a clever option.



I am used to manually saving (or not saving) projects while working on them. In my opinion, auto-save has always been a lazy person’s feature that professionals shouldn’t be forced to deal with. Just my opinion, of course.

I also would like this feature, or at least have autosave save when a key has not been pressed for 30 seconds. Moving a large group of objects take over 2 minutes using the direction keys when, using something like inskscape, it would take 10 seconds.

100% agree, auto-save has damaged several projects of mine. It’s is related to the even more serious problem of file management. Is anyone listening??? these are your customers talking.

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Robert (and anyone else with an opinion), What software chain do you recommend to use instead of Easel?


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