Feature Request: Preset Zeroing locations

I don’t do any of my pieces from 0.0 on the wasteboard. I do like to put 2 anchor boards down and then every piece I carve is from that zero setpoint instead.

BUT I have to set a new X,Y working zero every time. I saw where someone knew how to manually alter the code to make multiple setpoints but I got lost in the programming of it!

I don’t need anything special. Honestly it just needs to tell me what the zero setpoint was when I set it! That way I can do the Homing on the machine, and I know if I go to 20, 25 it is at my preferred zero location every time. So maybe at least a display of the x and y positions while I’m setting the X,Y on the carve page??

Do you have homing switches?

If so you can have a persistent work zero point.
Workflow is as follows:

  • Home the machine (sets machine zero, the main reference)
  • Jog to your intended work zero (material zero point), set this as your work zero

When you next day want to use the same work zero, simply home the machine and tell Easel to “Use last work zero”

Further upon this, you have two user-defined parkings spots G28 and G30
To set these you home the machine, jog to the intended G28 spot (set it a little high Z-wise)
In Machine Inspector Console window type G28.1 followed by Enter. Done.
Repeat for G30 (Use G30.1 to set it)

Now you have three locations preserved, as and ofsett relative to machine zero => Work Zero, G28 and G30

A prerequisite for all this are homing/set machine zero.

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Ok, super. How does G28.1 and G30.1 get used when I carve? Like when I push Carve, how does it work with those? Do I Home the machine and click “last set of x,y” or “set x, y” or do I have to use a svg file or something?

Once you set your XY zero, it will not change until you set it somewhere else. Just set it once and “Use Last Zero” when Easel asks you.
G28 and G30 are saved locations you can use. If you send G28, your machine will go to your defined G28 position. Same with G30.
You don’t need G28 and G30 if you’re always using the same zero. You could use G28 and set it at XY zero in case you need to restore that zero after changing it.

Nothing happens differently when you carve. SVGs have absolutely nothing to do with any of this.