FEATURE REQUEST: Push Notifications

I would like to formally request a new feature for Push Notifications. I typically run my X-Carve while I’m physically in the shop. On the rare occasion I need to step away for a while during a long carve it would be nice to have some sort of push notifications that can be sent to my phone. Integration with a service like Pushbullet would be amazing in Easel. Some sort of status update maybe every 10% complete up to Project completion.

In the meantime setup an old cell phone as a camera to monitor the CNC. Here’s how

This has been asked for multiple times and, I’m guessing, from a pure Inventables liability standpoint this will never be implemented.

This feature would indirectly endorse not being present while power tools are actively running. Why is that a big deal?

I was literally watching my machine when I had a bit come loose and go full bore into walnut. I hit the estop quick enough to not cause a fire but that bit was way too hot to actually touch for a good 5 minutes.


Wow… That sucks.

Work holding could have been better. Not good.

This discussion is not about the YouTube video someone else posted and how it could be prevented.

The discussion is about why a feature which would enable people to leave a machine unattended which could easily lead to the same thing happening.

Even a well clamped piece can come loose when the machine malfunctions.