FEATURE REQUEST: Remove cut - waste pieces from Generated Preview

It would be AMAZING if I could preview my cut with the waste gone - especially in the detailed cuts, where there may be 50 little squares and shapes that would be removed : )

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I definitely plus one this request.

In the interim, you can try adding a rectangle object that is larger than your specified stock size, set the depth of cut to the full depth, send the object to the back, and line it up to be behind your entire stock area.

This should make all of the stock disappear that has no object specifying a cut depth. So, you will need to make any area that you might just normally leave blank to get a zero depth to actually be an object of zero depth.

If you have questions about it I can post a super-easy example that shows what I am talking about.


Brandon Parker

@Krystal great idea! Iā€™m moving this thread to our Feature Request on the Easel forum.

THANK YOU!! It is the little things I tell ya!!