Feature Request - Run Time meter

One of the maintenance items on the X-Carve is to check and/or change the brushes on the router/spindle at certain run time intervals. The X-Carve that I use is part of a Makerspace where it is shared by numerous members so keeping an accurate estimate of how long the router has been run is difficult. Could a “meter” feature be added that keeps track of run time of the router? This would keep track of an accumulation of the times from the “Start Carve” until the Carve Completed message is displayed. This would provide an approximation of how long the router has been running, and as such provide a warning that it might be time to check or change the brushes.

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Not to downplay the feature request, but one option that you could implement would be to install a run time meter into the Router itself, like the one below. OR I believe some of the smart outlets record run time onto an app/website as well.

This one is non-resettable so you’d then want to have a log to track at what hours the brushes were last replaced, this could be wired into the AC and the router left in the on position and the run time could track whenever a main switch was turned on to provide AC to the router…

An even better option would be to get them to fund a Brushless Spindle and ditch the router altogether.
Virtually No Maintenance this way. I have a 1.5kw water cooled spindle and the only maintenance I’ve done in 3 years is changing the water routinely…