Feature request: save work board or 3D preview as an image

It’d be nice to save the previews as a jpeg instead of having to do a screenshot. The challenges need that and as a teacher it’s much easier for me to grade a picture submitted to an assignment than clicking on 48 easel links

Reasonable request. Especially for educators. :smiley:
If you want there is a way to make a script to do what you want.
I do a lot of code at work and could cobble up a routine that will help.
I did one for my work for QR codes.

Stephen, I am retired from Fire department as a inspector a year 1/2 ago I have small X-Carve and built a new machine
that will do 30"x75" I have new X-controller. I need help with a design that will be 3-D for each EMT door very fancy and I never had any G-code or computer training other than watch and learn could you help me?

Vcarve Pro
Fusion 360 - Phil Johnson is more adept with this one than me.

I tend to use a combination of tools.
Zbrush and Maya mainly but its what ever you have or are willing to learn.
I also use UGS (Universal Gcode Sender) to send the Vcarve gcode to the machine.
You can evaluate them and see what works best. It will take some time on the learning as you will not get good overnight.
Those of us here can also help you get there quickly if you are willing to share the project files.
Other than that the system you rebuild should be calibrated.

Yeah there’s ways around it not being there but it would certainly be a nice button, especially if it could be set as the splash image for the file opening screens. It’s more about efficiency to have it.

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