Feature Request: User functionally / Web Design standards

This request is rather large due to the complexity interpanel coordination required to implement, See attach file

1: Coordinate Display on Main Page, Menu Bar
2: Advance Settings Panel
3: Machine Inspector Panel
4: Machine Jog Controls Panel
5: Easel Action Panel Buttons

Easel CNC Software Improvements Rev A - Google Docs.pdf (941.5 KB)


This is so good! Thanks so much for sending this over. Lots of people on our team have already seen this and I wanted to make sure you knew we are taking a good bit into active consideration for future releases!

Thank You for reaching out to me in response to my Easel Feature Request. I certainly understand and could agree that all aspects of my request may not be incorporated. Based on Company policy and/or Inwork feature does not match up. Looking forward to seeing some upgrades.

The latest software release solved my Inventables case (137259) which I believe was the cause of my issue during its beta test cycle. so I decide to sign up for a Beta tester.

My last 3 years before I retired from Boeing Comm Aircraft Group. I worked on a system update from O&IR (Operation and Inspection Record) paper system. To an online web system. Key core item, the system was to design around Standard Web Design ie(All Active Buttons = colored, Standby Button = Dimmed, Inactive non-functional buttons = Grey out)

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Btw: you should check out CNCjS which has all of these (resembles pathpilot on my Tormach)