[Feature Request] Vote for Chromebook as a PC for XCARVE

I need to use the chromebooks in the lab in my school! Having it compatible would save lots of time and my students would be able to use the machines we have more independently.

SIgn me up!

I use CNC.js installed on a Raspberry Pi. I can drive everything from a Chromebook.

But a native Chrome extension would be nice.
I use Cleanflight to program my RC flight controllers over a serial connection. I imagine it could be done with CNC.

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Yes there are g-code senders for chrombooks and pi’s but Easel is nice to use due to it’s simplicity and direct interface so yes I would love to see chromebook support but I would also love to see Raspberry support. Imagine a Raspberry Pi3 with the 7" touchscreen sitting on top of the X-Controller running jobs.

I would also like to use a chrome book for easel and sending G code. I work with a high school robotics team and many of them have chrome books so it would be nice if they could use them to design robot parts.

As we consider adding CNC routers to our school maker space, chromebook compatibility is a major factor. If a student can use his or her own device (chromebook) to “carve” a job, it makes the whole process far easier. I know that we can hook up a mac or windows pc to the device, and “carve” from that machine, but a chrome app would be far better from a school perspective.

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@PeterSaunders thanks for that feedback. I’m gonna share it internally.

Does every student in your school have a chrome book?


Our students will all have chromebooks next year, and I see quite a few other schools going the same way. We can simply offer more functionality for less cost with chromebooks.

Easel seems to work just fine on a chromebook, it’s just the “carve” function that doesn’t work without a driver.

Thanks so much!


Hi @PeterSaunders yes that is correct. The Chromebooks work a bit differently than a Mac or PC. There is nothing you can “install” on them so the driver needs to work a different way.

Do you know if the models your students use have USB ports?

Yes, 2 USB ports (USB 2.0 & 3.0).



I’ll second the request! - It would be great if we could use a chrome book natively with Easel. I would love to pick up a used chrome book and not have to deal with windows, but have another shop computer that I am not worried about getting too much dust or heat to.

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Also late to the game, but wanting to put in a request for Chromebook support. At my school, about 75% of our students have Chromebooks. We have a few computers in our Maker Lab, but they are currently dedicated to the Silhouette machines and a 3D printer with no SD card support. I have been reconnecting when I want to run the Carvey, and a Chromebook extension would be a game changer, both from a management perspective as well as giving the students more autonomy to work. Also, we are in Chicago, so if you needed a nearby beta test, keep us in mind!

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Yes it would be a great option!

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has there been update for chromebook and using x-carve

No not yet. What kind of chromebook do you have?

Lenovo 14" IdeaPad N42-20 Chromebook, Intel N3060 Dual-Core, 16GB eMMC SSD, 4GB

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Being that easel is online this just seems like a no brainer. In the meantime you can use gcode-sender from the chromestore

@Zach_Kaplan I would also like to add a vote for a Chromebook capable Easel.

They are definitely becoming more popular with the Android app support. Very common in schools too…

Have you seen chrome apps or extensions that can send data to the USB port?

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I haven’t actually. Will check that out. Thanks

Apps can use this framework. Chrome Apps - Serial Devices [Deprecated] - Chrome Developers

It looks like google are implementing a W3C draft that will allow for USB access for web applications WebUSB API how far they are along with it or how well it is implemented though I don’t know.

Honestly I would prefer an offical easel sender that will tell a raspberry pi what to do then websocket the data currently shown during a carve in easel back to the easel app.