Feature Requests

Couple of nice to have items in Easel I think below. I work in IT, have a good knowledge of web apps, and these things are not crazy off the wall-

  1. Ability to change the background color in easel- It is damn near impossible to see shapes with a zero depth
  2. Email alert- Yes, you should babysit the cut, but getting an email when a carve is complete would be epic.
  3. Save custom bits- I use a .0236 all the time, it would be nice if I could save this and select it each time.
  4. (A bit harder and out of my league)- Set the origin point. I think I have seen this request before and there are workarounds like moving the entire project around the canvas, but it would be nice to easily change the origin.
  5. Remember my stepover- Stepover seems to default to 40%. I like to run a bit lower, should be easy to save this setting.
  6. Map a key to change the step interval when setting up a carve- Would be great for people who have setup wireless keyboards, joysticks, etc.


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Have a look at the large collection we already have.

These are useful ideas! Point 4 would be especially helpful in those cases where a carve stops midway.