Feed and speed for soft woods?

I’m looking for a feed and speed starting point for soft woods such as pine. Just a starting point to get me going and I can adjust from there using custom setting. Thank you.

Use the Easel suggested rates to begin with. The rest is up to your specific machine.
Keep RPM low

Thanks a bunch for the advice!!!

Sorry for not being very specific, you didnt provide much specifics in your initial inquery :slight_smile:
Quick answer is “it depends” and its not my intent to be snarky.

Large bit? Small bit? Pointy bit?, carving or cutting?
Single flute? Upcut?

Bottom line, its your machine that will define the limit. As all Xcarves are assembled by their individual users QC differ.
So what my machine can do dont always equal your machine can do the same.

No worries my friend, sometimes I get in big hurry and details get forgotten. I am looking at a fairly large pocket clearing using either a 1/8" spiral upcut, 1/8" straight end mill, or possibly a 1/4" spiral upcut. I basically planned on using soft maple as a reference material, in Easel, and working up from there. Thank You sir, for your advice and the time you spend answering questions. It is greatly appreciated.


Wood specifics (even moisture of the wood play a part) are all over the place, so the best bet is to simply try and experience the machine specifics. Finding a proper combination of feed rate / RPM and depth per pass do take a little time. Keep a log book where you list your details and lean to it.

With a 1/8" bit try 75IPM for feed rate and 1/16" depth per cut at minimum RPM (16k). 16K is in many situations plenty.
Machine rigidity is the biggest player in terms of cut capacity.