Feed rate and depth for plywood

A little advice needed. I’m basically milling a big pocket, about 1/2" deep, into 3/4 inch plywood. The area being cleared is about 8x10 inches, so I’m using a quarter inch two flute endmill. When I set it initially to 0.125 depth of cut at 60 inches per minute, I was getting quite a lot of chatter when the bit was moving left to right. Not so much when moving front to back around the square. So I started over with a depth of .062 inches, and 100ipm. The chatter is less, but still there.

What settings have you used successfully on birch plywood? I don’t want this one large pocket to take forever to cut, but I don’t want to kill my bearings and shake all my v wheels loose in one shot, either!

Funny. I was having this same prob last night and the guys here were very helpful. If you read their answers it should help. I’m not sure how to post the link here but it’s the one about speeds and feeds and DOC in the projects category. Good Luck