Feed rate in Command Verbose window is not what is written in the Gcode

Hi there. New UGS user here. I’m trying to get my head around the GRBL and UGS and am making progress. I wrote a Gcode program to machine a 1"square just to see how my accuracy was. I’m working in inches. I stuck the F20 in there and a G20 and then wrote the lines of code. When I hit send the machine takes off like a rocket and then slows down for the second line of the square. I have subbed different feed rates and they do go faster and slower, but not right at the beginning of the program. My question is this. Where do I stick a feed rate to get all the movements to go that slow. Do I need a feed rate for each line? Secondly, If I stick an F10 in there it read at F7.5 in the command window. I tried an F 15 and it read 12.5. Why would it change? I’m coming from Mach3 where you can do most anything.:-). Thanks for any help you can provide.

G0 is a rapid move and does not utilize the F word. Feed rate is determined by a grbl parameter.
G1,G2,G3 motion commands accept a feed rate (F word). If your feed rate doesn’t change you only need one valid command with the F word per g-code file.

G0 X5 (X axis feed rate is determined by grbl $110 parameter)
G1 Y5 F20 (Y feed rate is determined by the F word)
G1 X3 (X feed rate is 20 - F word applies to all axes and is modal - once set doesn’t change unless requested by another motion command)

If you want grbl to report inches you need to set $13=1

Thanks LarryM, that did the trick. I guess I was typing G0’s when I should have been G1’s for this kind of thing. I did the $13 change during the set up, so that was functioning OK.