Feed rate on finishing pass - 3D

Is it normal not to be able to adjust the feed rate on the finishing pass of a 3D carve?
I can adjust the feed rate on the roughing pass, but not finishing pass.

Sure, you can. click on manual to adjust setting

I can click on manual and adjust the setting before the carve, but once the finish carve starts, you can not adjust the feed rate on the fly.

Hmm, I’d expect it to be there, I’ll have to run one just to check :person_shrugging:
But I stopped using Easel as the Sender and I use OpenBuilds Control, And over there, there is ALWAYS the ability to adjust the feed on the fly. up to 200% and down to 10% of the original set Feedrate :slight_smile:


Might have to check that out. Is it easy to set up?

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Nothing really to set up other than the z probe thickness.

There aren’t promts like easel when the carve is started, so it’s up to the operator to remember to set x ,y zero and probe Z prior to hitting the go button on the carve…
But yeah, not really anything other than that probe thickness that must be set.
The ability to jog with a phone is convenient on a larger machine, i keep my computer off to the side so i can do other things while the carve is going, so it’s kinda away from the front, so for me the ability to use my cell phone to jog the spindle into position for setting x,y,z zero is real convenient…


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