Feed Rate Speed and Depth Questions

I am just learning and practicing on cutting out the shape in easel. I am currently cutting out a square on a 1 inch piece of maple and I am cutting it all the way through. I had been having some chatter and have been working on the feed rate/depth rate and it is better. My question is does anyone have any insight on feed rates/depth pass ?

I am using a double flute , 1/4 . straight cut bit and 1 inch maple.

  1. Any insight on feed rate ? I am at 50 right now
  2. Depth per pass : 9
  3. Cutting down .08 per pass
  4. Should I do a vertical plunge or a ramp plunge ? What I was using the ramp I was hearing more chatter but when I switched to vertical it was a lot better.

I was reading online that I should up all of the numbers above. The wood is producing chips vs sawdust so I think I am at least moving in the right direction.

Thank you

If you’re having chatter while cutting then you might want to check the V wheels and belt tension.

( Side Note: I think some of your specs in that chart are not labeled correctly, i think #2 is plunge rate and is probably Inches/Min I presume)

I’ve only cut 3/4" hard maple on mine, never had to go to the full 1" and as a result I was able to use 22mm Cut Length 1/8" upcut Bit and that fared pretty well, no chatter and that could have to do with less tool engagement since it’s a smaller diameter and I’m only taking 0.02" Depth Per Pass sooo :man_shrugging: And with the thinner cut depth I’m able to bump up the feed rate quite a bit, to 75 IPM

I don’t really know what to tell you for the 1/4" one, but wanted to at least let u know what I’ve used to get through maple… :+1:

Great, thank you for your feedback. I have been working on going around and tightening everything and double checking that everything is square.

Have a great holiday !

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