Feed rate vs. accuracy

Can someone help me understand the relationship between feed rate and accuracy on the X-Carve? I have noticed some inaccuracy when cutting acrylic at 100in/min.

Is there a recommended max feed rate? Does loading on the bit play a part?

Yea it will decrease accuracy but it depends I’m cutting 120 in per min in mdf with a .125 bit. No accuracy issues.

this is 3 pieces of mdf laminated together they are all almost perfect oh and I’m cutting .06 in depth per pass

@JoeBerman: Did you laminate the mdf and then cut or vice-versa? What router/spindle do you use?

Cut each piece then glued.I used the 24 Volt quiet cut spindle with the 2 flute straight cut 18 inch that that came with the starter kit

Interesting. I’m letting my cuts in MDF drift along at 20ipm using a 1/8", 2-flute end mill. It’s not laboring at all but I can’t imagine trying to run 120ipm! I have a 48V quiet cut spindle.

That’s the default spindle, right?

Yea mine is oh man if you are running the 48 crank that thing up to like 50 and give it a whirl. I was thinking of pushing 200 and giving it a shot but I’ll wait till I get my half inch surfacing bit in

Xcarve 100ipm mdf: https://youtu.be/YVCkmHsgQlw

Here is 100ipm with a single flute

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I should have mentioned that the operations I was having trouble with were on small workpieces, where the motors/bit can change direction many times per second.

I did the more complex cut at the same feed