Feed rates for cutting Tin

I bought a thin (.015) sheet of crafting tin from a local craft store and after searching the forums haven’t located any suggestions.

Any suggestions for what I should use, both the feed rates and bit type?

Thank you!

Perhaps you have a very tiny set of scissors I can use to cut details of my pattern?? :wink:

What about using one of those 20deg V bits and treating it like a PCB?

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I can try that. I think tin is a bit harder than copper, so I’ll go a bit slower on the feeds.

Any results on cutting the tin?

I snapped a few bits and generated too many sparks in the process. As a result, I gave up with tin and will stick to aluminum; it’s not quite the fire hazard since there are no sparks.

Thanks for that! I was wondering at your level of success. Tin struck me as sheared and not milled.