Feed Rates

Im finding that changes the feed rate is the material and all of the feed rates are somewhere between 30 - 40 regardless of the bit size. Well i assumed it was calculating correctly, my bad for not checking it myself i guess and all other cuts using larger bits have cut pretty slow for what it could handle. I went and did a cut with a 1/32" downcut bit i got from inventables . Selected the 1/32" bit, there is no downcut bit option and kicked it off. Well to my surprise its recommended was 32 in/min. This was well to fast and now i have a broken $13 bit $20 with shipping and a job that was not complete. I was using the down spiral because of a paint mask but i dont have any more bits on hand so a up spiral it is however now i have to do a lot of cleanup on my mask :(. Why doesn’t easel calculate feed rate off of the bit size as well. Why does it only account for the material type? This is the last time i will rely on easel to set my feed rates for me.

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Easel has a default setting for 1/32 2 flute upcut.

I use them extensively on plastic and wood running 30-40 ipm at .012" doc.(.008 for acrylic)

I didn’t see in your post what depth per pass you were running.

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Screen shot of settings attached. Note that both feed rate and depth per pass are the same for both bits and the bit selection is 1/8" and 1/32". Also Recommended is selected not custom.

That is way too aggressive of a DOC for a 1/32" bit. Anything over the bit diameter is asking for trouble. Also, how deep were you cutting? Make sure you don’t exceed the bit’s length of cut, which is relatively small (I think mine is only 1/8").

I’ve run mine at 80 ipm with a 0.02 DOC (1/48") as the detail pass of a 2 stage and had no problems with it. I ended up slowing it down to 65 ipm but it handled 80 ipm no issue. This was in pine.

I agree its to deep and that’s the whole point. Why does the recommended not take the bit into account when it provides recommended cut settings?

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Everyone I understand that easel is not good to go by and to calculate it on my own. This section of the forum is about usability thus I posted my complaint here asking why doesn’t easel have better logic to assist with the feed rates. There is no point in it having a recommended feed rates if it is no where close to what is best. I would rather they provide a calculator than some default recommended settings. Please stop notifying me I need to figure it out myself. I stated in the original post I won’t be using there recommended anymore.

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Easel is designed to be used friendly. Luckily for us they gave us the option to set our own custom fields. I suggest you use that. If easel started adding all kinds of calculators and crap all the newer users would be intimidated.

Also keep in mind that Easel copies your original bit settings when you add a 2nd bit.

It might be a bug that Easel doesn’t update the 2nd bit when changing it in 2 stage carving. @EricDobroveanu is this a potential issue?