Feed speeds

I was cutting a very large, intricate project in MDF. I got about half way through the carve and it just stopped. I had set the homing, so i am able to restart the carve. Can I increase the feed rate significantly until it reaches the point where it starts carving a new area, then reduce it to lower feed? Is there harm in running very fast feed while it’s not actually carving?

From a technical standpoint there is no harm in going at 200% feed during the “air stage”
Provided the feed/acceleration do not exceed the max rates the system can take before stalling.

Find dealing with the root cause like Robert suggest would be #1.

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Thank you for the info. I believe it had to do with my laptop. The Scarce stop, returned to home and i got the pop up box asking if the project looked good or not.

=> most likely USB drop-out for some reason. RF noise is usually the main culprit.

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GRBL should be limiting accelerations natively and It should also limit feed rate to the max rate (rapid speed) which should keep it under control.

What’s your normal feed rate for the carve?

Normal feed rate 40