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Feedback from Pro owners

I’m still waiting delivery of the 2x4 X-carve Pro I ordered in December. I haven’t seen any reviews or comments on overall satisfaction from those who’ve received shipment. I’m getting both nervous and excited. Any general reviews, comments, concerns? I have some experience in the engineering field and understand there’s the element of glitches and delays to overcome on new machine builds/designs. Just looking for a little insight of what to expect. Thanks in advance for any input.


Hey @DanBrewington ,

First time CNC Owner, and my first choice was the X Carve Pro.

While i’ve looked at the original X Carve before, it looked a bit DIY. Dewalt router, some rails, a raspberry pi setup, etc.

The X Carve Pro however feels and looks like a solid machine. No plastic pieces. Everything is beautiful in a nice black powder coated matte/satin finish.

The ONLY issue I had wasn’t the machines fault, and was me not tensioning a belt properly. Once that was resolved, i’ve been great ever sense.

The machine is super quick. I have only recently started adjusting the manual settings. I will say, the “Automatic” settings for certain things are EXTREMELY conservative. I’ve been able to run the machine w/ automatic settings @ 200% speed, and everything came out great.

Example: With a 1/8" downcut bit was taking 4 1/2 hours (estimate). I was able to get that down to about 25min with adjusted settings.

Overall, i’m happy.


I have had mine for about a month and half and I have about 50 hours on it already. The build was easy and the machine is very solid. It is a new release so it has a few minor bugs. For one it is blowing circuits with GFIs, you may see the post on this. The dust-shoe orifice is too big and a lot of material escapes the dust mitigation but this is easily resolved with a cover. Overall I am very excited about this machine.


I have the exact same story, new cnc owner, chose the Pro due to it being a simple, beautiful build and having easel to back it all up. I did find that once the instructions start up easel things got a little confusing like steps were missing or something. But the machine is up and running and so far me and my wife are happy with it. Can’t wait to start making money with it.

I will say it’s slower than I expected, but I have been using the conservative auto settings. I hear things can really speed up once I get the hang of it.

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@ZackNeese , to give you some insight…

1/8" Downcut…

Left = the Auto…
Right = Mine.

Cut it flawlessly. No issues.
I took the settings from the Auto 1/4" bit it included…which i use as is. I’m thinking I can actually speed that one up quite a bit as well being a beefier bit.

The 18k rpm was my contribution. Could be wrong, but since I was speeding up the movement speeds, i wanted a higher RPM to take some material out as it’s throwing the the bit around.


Thanks everyone for the input! I’m glad I’m not the only one jumping into the Pro as a first time CNC owner. I was optimistic that a lack of reviews meant all was well or at least being figured out. For the last 7 months I’ve questioned my sanity getting into this. I’m not a woodworker per say but I’m “that guy” in the nice neighborhood always making noise in the garage and it turned into a remodeling business. What I lack in woodworking experience I hope to compensate with my experience with CAD, Illustrator, etc. The other question I have is: should I put this in my basement or my garage? Obviously the garage is more convenient as we don’t have a walkout. Any thoughts? Not to sound too nerdish but does anyone have any decibel specs? Thanks again.


No different than a large router. Dust collection is my loudest factor.


To add what @ZackNeese stated,

If you have a shop vac… and then cut that value in 1/2. That’s how loud the XCP is.

I will say, there are times that you get a high pitched squeal from when the bit hits the wood just right.
It’s quieter than a chop/table saw…

My shop vac is by far my loudest item.

Granted, even though it’s quieter doesn’t mean it’s quiet.

I do plan on building an enclosure for not only a dedicated dust collector, but also for the XCP.

and @DanBrewington , i’m kind of with you in the whole “not a wood worker” guy.
I’m not so great with my hands (getting there though), but i know how to 3d model / design on the PC.


I’ve had mine about 2 months, still very happy with it. It’s fast, accurate and easy to use. I agree with others who’ve said dust collection is louder than the machine. Here’s a video of mine in action if you’re curious

Previously I had a homebuilt CNC setup that used belts and a trim router. Setup of the Pro was easy, I had a minor hiccup during the planning operation that’s since been fixed, customer service has been very responsive and helpful.

I haven’t used the tiling feature yet for a full 4x8, looking forward to trying that out soon.


Thanks. Btw, cool video. Great idea @Makerneer

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I’m getting tired of every time I call my deliver date is pushed back 2 more weeks. They have been using my money since early in December and not offer anything in restitution for late delivery. I’m sick and tired of everybody using covid as an excuse when they have been behind on development from the start.

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They aren’t exactly manufacturing this themselves. They are dependent on other companies.


I never expected a hard delivery date. It’s not uncommon for new machines to take extra time (late delivery) and also “Covid as an excuse” doesn’t quite capture the issue at hand, the world has lost millions of population, has had numerous shut downs to productions throughout every phase of operation for every industry, with some countries still requiring major lockdowns.

I received my machine way earlier than I truly expected it. And I wouldn’t have minded waiting a few more weeks to ensure the unit that shipped was perfect in the box. Instead they have had to ship parts separately to ensure an adequate product ends up in our hands. The idea of preorder in general is that they will use the influx of cash to finalize purchases and get production units available.

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I am with Zack on this one. Does it suck for not get it for months? Sure… but there is a lot of stuff going on in the world.

I have been waiting for 3 months for a PCM for my car… so… there is that? The world has been running on a razor thing “just in time” supply chain forever and the events of 2020 really messed that up.

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Is there any way to check the status other than calling? Also in the same boat, purchased in December and been told July 5-28.

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I’m with you Larry. I’d prefer that they set later delivery dates instead of pushing them back twice and getting us all excited. You should be able to account Covid issues into ship date one and half years into pandemic. I’m chalking it up to inexperience and over excitement by Inventables. Anyway, can’t wait to get mine too!

Please advise your purchase date, so we can get an idea.

I purchased mine in November 2020 and still waiting.

Please advise your purchase date, so we can get an idea.

When did you purchase yours?

I can’t remember but it was the last day the price for the 4x2 was $6500.