Feedrate Clarifications

Ok… I am very confused… I recently ordered three v-bits from Whiteside.


I emailed the company regarding the recommended feedrates for the bits and they sent me a copy of the Chiploads file file to calculate the feedrates.

Chiploads New Brit Workshop.xls (36.5 KB)

Ok… so i enter the information regarding let’s say the Whiteside 1500 90 degree V-Bit. and get a feedrate of 192IPM / 81MMPS -

That seems fast to me - as i have seen others say 60IPM for vbits… Am i Reading all this information wrong?

I am very new to this stuff and while i have had great success with most of my basic carves, i am looking at some more intricate stuff and want to make sure i get a great carve but don’t destroy bits or the machine.

Ok that makes sense… just wanted to make sure…

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